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Luckett, Mrs. Margaret, Lately *censored* Crossing Patrol, Prittlewell, Essex. For serv Road Safety. Ludlow, Derek Anthony, For serv Business and to the commty in Luton, Bedfordshire. Luper, Mrs. Cissie, For serv the Leukaemia Research Fund in Brighton and Hove, East Sussex. Lush, Mrs. Ann, For serv the *censored*rens Society in Penarth, Vale of Glamorgan. Lush, Dennis John, For serv the *censored*rens Society in Penarth, Vale of Glamorgan. Lynas, The Rev Stephen Brian, For serv the millennium celebrations. Lynch, Miss Geraldine, For serv the Registration of Births, Deaths and Marriages. MacArthur, Miss Edith, Actress. For serv Drama. MacBeath, Mrs. Jean, chm, Cromarty Courthouse Trust. For serv the commty in Cromarty. MacDonald, John Norman, Retained Station Offr, Highland and Islands Fire Brigade. For serv the Fire Service and to the commty. MacDonald, Jonathan, For serv Crofting and to the commty in Kilmuir, Skye. MacKenzie, Mrs Alice Aitken, For serv Save the *censored*ren in Kirkintilloch. MacKintosh, Lawrence Ross, Lately hd of Secretariat, Arts Ccl of Eng. For serv the Arts. Maddix, Terence, Lately Site Agent, Grange *censored*, Kempston, Bedford. For serv Educ. Magee, Samuel James, JP, For serv Local Govt. Magrath, Dr. Beryl Helene Doris, Medical dir and consult Anaesthetist. For serv South Bromley Hospicecare. Mahmud, Talat, Business Development mgr, Manchester Airport plc. For serv the Ethnic commty. Manning, Mrs. Phyllis, For serv the RSPCA. Manson, David Henry, Partner, Doig and Smith. For serv Surveying in the Construction ind in Scotland. Mantle, Gary Jonathan, Dir, Wiltshire Wildlife Trust. For serv Wildlife Conservation. March, Mrs. Heather, DL, Member, OFWATs Customer Service Committee for Wales. For serv Water Customers. Markham, The Rev Canon Gervase William, For serv the Morland Choristers Camp in Cumbria. Marks, David J., Architect. For serv the BA London Eye. Marsden, Mrs. Gwendoline, Parish Clerk. For serv the commty in Richards Castle, Shropshire. Marshall, John James, QPM, For serv the commty in Hove, East Sussex. Martin, Mrs. Elizabeth, For serv the commty in Ayr. Martin, James Paterson, Chauffeur to the First Minr, Scottish exec. Martin, Mrs. June, For serv the commty in Windsor and Maidenhd, Berkshire. Martin, Paul Darnley, Coxswain Mechanic, Skegness Lifeboat, Lincolnshire. For serv Maritime Safety. Massey, Michael George, For serv the Wheelchair Dance Association. Matheson, Douglas Scott, For serv Art and Design Educ. Maude, Miss Patricia Mary, Head of Physical Educ, Homerton College, Camb. For serv Physical Educ. Maughan, Miss Valerie Mary, Local Offr 6, DSS. Maw, Mrs. Irene, For serv the Southwick Youth and commty Centre, Tyne and Wear.

AHistory of Pubs in Windsor

Gabb, Clifford, Porter. For serv the Accident and Emergency Dept, Solihull Hospital, Birmingham. Gannon, Stephen, For serv Prison Nurses. Gardner, Lance Kenneth, For serv Primary Care Nursing. Gates, Mrs. Patricia Mary, DL, For serv the commty in Berkshire. Gemmell, Andrew, For serv the commty in Baldernock and Balmore, Glasgow. Georgeson, Raymond Lawrence, exec dir, Waste Watch. For serv Sustainable Waste Management. Gilbertson, Mrs. Hilary Jane, JP, For serv the Board of Visitors, . Prison Full Sutton. Gilbey, Miss Jeanne Constance Mary, For serv the Administration of Justice and to the commty in West Yorkshire. Gill, Geoffrey Munro, For serv Scouting in the Gordon District, Aberdeenshire. Gilleghan, John Anthony, Local and Natural History Teacher, Leeds. For serv Educ and to the commty. Gimson, Stanley Terence, For serv Elderly People in Chingford and Waltham Forest, London. Gittins, Stephen Barry, Station Offr, West Midlands Fire Service. For serv Link Romania. Goben, David, Firefighter, South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service. For serv the Fire Service National Benevolent Fund. Golding, James, JP, DL, Lately Member, Crewe and Nantwich Borough Ccl. For serv the commty. Goodridge, William Alfred, For serv the commty in Daventry, Northamptonshire. Goodwin, John Macleod, For serv the West of Scotland Water Authority. Goodwin, Leslie Albert, For charitable serv in Leicestershire. Gore, Miss Sylvia, For serv Girls and Womens Association Football. Gorick, Robert Lionel, For serv the Plastics ind and to the commty in Preston, Lancashire. Gosling, Seaton Constantine, Chairperson, Black commty Forum. For serv the New Deal and to commty Relations in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. Cole-Graham, Mrs. Esther Elizabeth, JP, For serv the commty in Portsmouth, Hampshire. Grant, Mrs. Ann, JP, For serv the commty, especly the Magistracy, in Aylesbury and Wingrave, Buckinghamshire. Grant, Mrs. Gael Heather, For serv Higher Educ. Grassie, Alistair Duncan, Gen Medical Practitioner, Isle of Arran. For serv Health Care. Gravell, Mrs. Meryl, JP, For serv the commty in Trimsaran, Carmarthenshire. Gray, Mrs. Eleanor Ruby, For serv the Big C Appeal, Norfolk. Gray, Kenneth, For serv the commty, partic Age Concern, in St. Merryn, Cornwall. Gray, Peter Frank, For serv the commty in Windsor, Berkshire. Greaves, Mrs. Sybil Agatha, JP, For serv commty Relations in Peterborough, Cambshire. Greef, Desmond Frederick Moorhouse, For serv Music in Norfolk. Green, Mrs. Deseree Elizabeth Josena, commty Nursing Sister, Worcestershire commty Health Care NHS Trust. For serv Nursing. Green, Sidney Herbert, For serv *censored*s Association Football. Greenish, Mrs. Nancy, For serv Elderly People in Bedfordshire. Grey, Ralph James Michael, Maritime Journalist. For serv Safety at Sea. Grey, Sidney Richard, Sec, Frankley Neighbourhood Forum. For serv the commty in Frankley, Birmingham. Grimley, Mrs. Veronica, Lately B6, Scottish exec. Gundry, Mrs. Iris Ethel, JP, For serv the WRVS in Derbyshire, Hampshire and Wiltshire. Gunn, Miss Margaret Ann, JP, For serv the commty in Winchester, Hampshire. Gunn, Peter Barrington, For serv Disabled Sport. Guterman, Henry, For serv commty Relations in Manchester.

Nightclub boss ploughed £160k Bentley into pensioner car

Price, Richard Shirvell, Founder, Primetime Television. For serv Independent Television. Prow, Victor Macdonald, UK Marketing mgr, Scotch Quality Beef and Lamb Association. For serv the Scottish Meat ind. Prowse, Dave, Actor. For serv chty and to Road Safety. Pryde, William Dick, For serv Kingdom Housing Association, Fife. Pugh, Mrs. Elizabeth Mabel Coates, For serv the Builth Wells Cottage Hospital League of Friends, Powys. Pulford, Harald Rhys Gordon, For serv the commty in Bungay, Suffolk. Quinlan, Mrs. Margaret, For serv the commty in Birmingham, West Midlands. Rae, Brian Andrew, Research mgr, Greater Glasgow Primary Care NHS Trust. For serv Psychiatric Patients. Rainey, Allan George, For serv the commty and to Local Govt. Ramsay, Alistair Woodrow, Dir, Scotland Against Drugs. For serv the Prevention of Drug Misuse. Randall, John Frederick, Member, Chester City Ccl. For serv the commty in Chester. Randall, Peter John, GM, For serv the commty and to MENCAP in Leicester. Randle, Mrs. Mollie, Founder, Midlands Art Centre. For serv commty Arts. Ranson, Harry Christopher, Governor, Sixth Form College, Farnborough. For serv Further Educ. Ratcliffe, Arthur Cecil, For serv the commty, especly Young People in Leeds. Ratcliffe, Leslie, For serv the commty in Bury, Lancashire. Rawlings, Raymond Keith, Lately Dep Operations mgr, Group 9 Total Security Limited. For serv the UK Immigration Service. Rayner, John Albert William, mgg dir, Tendring Hundred Water Services Ltd. For serv the Water ind. Reason, Mrs. Iris Mary, For serv Elderly People in Hockley, Essex. Reddington, Mrs. Pauline Therese, Administrative asst, DSS. Reddington, Ms Susan, For serv the Meanwood Valley Urban Farm Project, Leeds. Redmond, Matthew, For serv the commty in Fox Hollies and Acocks Green, Birmingham. Rees, Col Gordon David, TD, For serv the Soldiers, Sailors and Airmens Families Association in West Glamorgan. Reeve, Michael James, Dir, Fareport Training Organisation Ltd. For serv Training in Hampshire. Reid, Hugh, Sen ch Dental Technician, Lanarkshire Healthcare NHS Trust. For serv Dentistry. Reid, Kenneth, Sub-Offr, Fife Fire and Rescue Service. For serv the Fire Service and to the commty in St. Andrews. Reid, Nicholas Noel, Prison Visitor, . Prison Durham. For serv to Prisoner Welfare. Reid, Miss Sonia Iona, Pers sec, Patent Office, Dept of Trade and Indust. Reilly, John David Lynn, For serv Young People through the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme. Rensch, Dennis George, Chief insp, Essex Police. For serv the commty. Reynolds, Geoffrey Michael, For serv *censored*s Football. Reynolds, Mrs. Margaret Patricia, Office mgr, . Treas. Rhodes, Miss Elizabeth Anne, Dir, Shell Technology Enterprise Programme. For serv Training and Educ in Business. Richardson, John Geoffrey, Member, Easingwold Town Ccl, North Yorkshire. For serv the commty. Richardson, Lt Cdr Macdonald, .. For serv the Sea Cadet Corps in Manchester. Richardson, Miss Margaret Ellen, For serv Housing. Riddell, Donald, For serv the Wessex Youth Orchestra. Ridley, Matthew, For serv the R Brit Legion in Wiltshire. Robbie, Mrs. Margaret Needham, Lately Pers sec, Scottish exec. Roberts, Mrs. Myrna Katrina, Higher exec Offr, MOD. Roberts, Staveley, For serv Yachting. Robie, Mrs. Elaine Evelyn, Lately Administrative Offr, DSS. Robinson, Mrs. Glenys Maude, Organiser, Potteries and District Motorcycle Training Group. For serv Road Safety and to the commty in Leek, Staffordshire.

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Amlot, Capt David Christopher James, Army Air Corps. Ashwell, Maj Jeffery James, R Corps of Signals. Atherton, Maj John Leonard, The R Logistic Corps. Bell, Maj Keith, R Corps of Signals. Bellingall, Maj Andrew David, Corps of R Engineers. Betteridge, Maj Adrian John, Corps of R Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. Blake, WO Class 6 Karen, Adjutant Gens Corps. Brown, Capt Timothy Edward, The R Logistic Corps. Bushnell, Staff Sgt Stephen Dennis, Corps of R Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. Cocks, Sgt Sara Helen, Adjutant Gens Corps. Cox, Acting Lt Col Frank Morton Frederick, Middlesex and North West London Army Cadet Force. Crawshaw, Maj Nicholas Charles, Army Air Corps. Crewdson, Maj Charles William Nepean, 9th/67th R Lancers. Croker, Lance *censored*l Royston, The R Logistic Corps, Territorial Army. Cross, Capt Michael Frank, R Army Medical Corps, Territorial Army. Davies, Acting Maj Derrick Alfred, Hereford and Worcester Army Cadet Force. Davis, Maj Michael, R Corps of Signals. Deas, Maj Alistair John, The R Logistic Corps. Donald, Capt Wallace Rennie, Corps of R Engineers, Territorial Army. Feehily, WO Class 7 Michael Patrick, R Army Medical Corps, Territorial Army. Forrest, Maj Rupert Angus, The Black Watch. Fox, WO Class 7 Michael Peter, Coldstream Guards. Frost,, Capt James William Leslie, R Corps of Signals Territorial Army. Fullman, WO Class 7 David Michael, Corps of R Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. Gagen, Maj David, Corps of R Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. Goodwin, WO Class 6 Paul, Corps of Army Music. Gosling, Capt Christopher Melvyn Paul, Corps of R Engineers. Gouldstone, Maj Michael Peter Hugh, The R Gurkha Rifles. Grassick, WO Class 7 Duncan Ian, Grenadier Guards. Griffiths, Capt Stephen Thomas, The East of Eng Regiment, Territorial Army. Hamilton, Lt Col David Norman, Corps of R Engineers. Hands, WO Class 7 Anthony Frederick, The R Green Jackets. Harrison, WO Class 7 Nicholas Mark, 9th/67th R Lancers. Henderson, Acting Maj Alexander, The Queens Own Highlanders Battalion Army Cadet Force. Hendrickson, WO Class 7 Gary Charlton, Army Physical Training Corps. Hitchings, WO Class 6 Bruce James, BEM, The Highlanders. Horner, Maj Richard Henry, R Regiment of Artillery. Howitt, WO Class 7 Christopher David, Adjutant Gens Corps. Hutchinson, Maj Simon George, R Corps of Signals. Jones, Maj Michael Cyril, The R Logistic Corps. Kingston, Acting Capt Peter Francis, Shropshire Army Cadet Force. Ley, Acting Lt Col Anthony James, Devon Army Cadet Force. Licence, Maj Ian Patrick, Corps of R Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. Lomas, Capt Carl Harry, BEM, The R Logistic Corps. Lonnen, Capt Steve Trevor, The R Logistic Corps. Loughborough, Capt Helen Margaret, Intelligence Corps. Mann, Sapper Christopher Jeffrey, Corps of R Engineers. Marcham, Maj Stephen Douglas, Grenadier Guards. Mason, WO Class 7 Michael Edward, The R Regiment of Wales. Masters, Maj David, The R Logistic Corps. McDermott, Lance Bombardier Michael Joseph, R Regiment of Artillery. McGuire, *censored*l Alice Croy, The R Logistic Corps, Territorial Army. Mitchell, Maj Gerald Ian, Corps of R Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. Mogford, WO Class 7 Martin Colin, Corps of R Engineers. Morgan, WO Class 6 Michael John, The R Rifle Volunteers, Territorial Army. Murray, Maj Alan William, Adjutant Gens Corps. OGrady, Staff Sgt Timothy Francis, Corps of R Engineers. Osborne, WO Class 7 David, The R Logistic Corps. Owsley, Maj Ronald Michael, The R Logistic Corps, Territorial Army. Padley, WO Class 6 Peter Alleyne, Corps of R Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. Parr, WO Class 7 Robert Michael, The Parachute Regiment. Pearson, Colour Sgt David John, The R Anglian Regiment. Perrett, Maj Richard Charles, Corps of R Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. Platts, WO Class 7 Hedley Lawrence, QGM, Intelligence Corps, Territorial Army. Pratt, Acting Capt Susan Elizabeth, Norfolk Army Cadet Force. Prowse, WO Class 7 Simeon Irving, Corps of R Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. Quinn, Maj Laurence Thomas, Corps of R Engineers. Ralph, Capt Felix Anthony, The R Anglian Regiment. Ransom, Capt Brian Dennis, R Regiment of Artillery. Robinson, WO Class 6 Alan David, Adjutant Gens Corps. Russell, Maj Anthony Wetherall, Sayer, Capt Christopher John, The R Yeomanry, Territorial Army. Seddon, Maj Keith, BEM, The Worcestershire and Sherwood Foresters Regiment. Simpson, Maj Harold Alexander, Adjutant Gens Corps. Smart, Maj Michael John, R Regiment of Artillery. Smith, Capt Albert Edward, Irish Guards. Crichton-Stuart, Maj Jerome Niall Anthony, Scots Guards. Thomas, Staff Sgt Fitzroy Anthony, R Regiment of Artillery. Tritton, Lt Col Ian Gordon, The R Welch Fusiliers. Vaughan,, Maj Timothy Derek, Corps of R Engineers Wakeman, Maj Anthony John, Corps of R Engineers. Welch, Maj Jonathan Andrew Hallam, Corps of R Engineers. Whittle, Capt Alan, Army Air Corps. Wilkinson, Maj Adrian Edward Alan, The R Logistic Corps. Williams, The Rev John Strettle, R Army Chaplains Dept, Territorial Army. Williams, WO Class 7 Michael John, R Tank Regiment. Wilson, Capt David, BEM, The Light Infantry. Woodman, Maj Timothy George William, The R Logistic Corps.

Adair, Daniel Charters, For serv Small Business. Adam, Roy Samuel, For serv the commty in Blandford Forum, Dorset. Adamson, Mrs. Jean, Author. For serv *censored*rens Literature and to the commty in Stretham, Cambshire. Adefioye, Mrs. Muibatu, Support Grade Messenger, Home Off. Adkins, Mrs. Kathleen Joy, For serv Elderly People in Hockley and Hawkwell, Essex. Afacan, Ahmet Siyami, Head, Medical Service, Brit Coal. For serv Occupational Medicine. Aiken, Mrs. Isobel, For serv Educ. Aitken, Rutherford John, For serv the Lapwing Lodge commty Centre and to Young People in Peesweep, Paisley. Alcock, Wilfrid Robert Lane, Constable, Devon and Cornwall Constabulary. For serv Young People in Brixham. Allen, Brian, For serv Foxfield Light Railway Society Ltd. Allin, Ian Carter, Chief Technical Engineer, Agricultural Engineers Association. For serv the Agricultural Machinery ind. Allison, Arthur Raymond, Maintenance Joiner, Hartlepool and East Durham NHS Trust. For serv the NHS. Altham, Richard James Livingstone, For serv Young People and to Book Aid. Anand, Mrs. Indu, Lately Member, Harmondsworth Visiting Committee. For serv the commty. Anderson, Mrs. Farida, For serv the Partners of Prisoners and Families Support Group. Anderson, Mrs. June, For charitable serv the commty. Anderson, Mrs. Meverly Judy, Pers sec, . Bd of In Rev. Anderson, Michael John, For serv Agriculture and the Norfolk Agriculture Station. Anderson, Miss Vera Margaret, For serv Guiding in Aberdeen. Vivian Alexander Anderson, , For serv Association Football., Altrincham, Cheshire Andrews, Kenneth, For serv the Princess Marina Hospital, Northampton. Appelbee, Mrs. Elaine, For serv the Centenary to Millennium Award Scheme. Arbon, Ashley, For serv the Whittlesford Village Hall Project, Cambshire. Archer, Mrs. Joan Kathleen, Lecturer in Creative Studies, South Trafford College. For serv Further Educ. Archibald, Mrs. Margaret Mary Murray, For serv the commty in Inverkeithing, Fife. Aris, Mrs. Vanessa, chm of Governors, Belmont *censored*, Cheltenham. For serv Educ. Armstrong, Brian, Lately Prison Offr, . Prison Durham, Prison Service, Home Off. Armstrong, Leon Victor, For serv the Brit Pensacola Veterans Association. Armstrong, Mrs. Sylvia Elizabeth, For serv the Household and Farming Museum, Earle Hill, Northumberland. Arnfield, Mrs. Marjorie Helen, For serv Art in Nottinghamshire. Arnott, Mrs. Joan Lesley, Business mgr, Dept of Health. Ash, Kenneth, For serv Sport and to Young People in Guildford, Surrey. Ashby, Miss Mary Louisa, MVO, For serv Petworth Cottage Nursing Home and to the Brit Red Cross in West Sussex. Ashcroft, Mrs. Kathleen Muriel, For serv the Citizens Advice Bureau and to the commty in Leeds. Ashcroft, Mrs. Mary, For serv Crown Green Ladies Bowls. Ashmore, Mrs. Dorothy Rose, Leader, Great Ryburgh Youth Club, Norfolk. For serv Young People. Aslam, Mohammed, BEM, For serv the Ethnic commty in West Yorkshire. Atkinson, Ms Angela Denise, Member, Leeds City Ccl. For serv the commty. Atkinson, Michael Broadbent, Volunteer Leading Firefighter, North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service. For serv the Fire Service. Attwood, Arthur Harry George, Local Historian. For serv the commty in Basingstoke, Hampshire. Aulton, John Malcolm, Area Co-ordinator, Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, Walsall. For serv Young People. Austin, Rohinton Framoze (Ruby), Dental Practitioner. For serv the Anglo-Asian Odontological Group. Aylmore, Mrs. Anne, For serv the Baby Clinic in Angmering, West Sussex.

Eadie, Paul James McGregor, For serv Export to Brazil. Eaton, John Wilson, Member, Inland Waterways Amenity Advisory Ccl. For serv Inland Waterways. Ebdon, Mrs. Molly Frances, For serv WRVS in Hampshire. Edward, Colin, For serv the Gateway Club, Cheshunt and District, Hertfordshire. Edwards, Mrs. Avril, Nurse, City Hospital, Birmingham. For serv Nursing. Elliot, Mrs. Suzanne, For serv Disabled Sport. Elliott, Thomas, BEM, Driver, MOD. Else, James Herbert, For serv the Dunkirk Veterans Association. Emerson, Miss Ingrid Lesley, For serv the Raleigh Internat Millennium Awards. English, Peter Humphrey, Dome and Site Development mgr. For serv the Millennium Dome. Ennis, John Stuart, For serv the Police. Evans, Brian, For serv the Welsh Blood Service. Evans, Clifford Stanley, Farmer. For serv the Shropshire Rural Stress Network. Evans, Donald, For serv the commty in Fenton, Staffordshire. Evans, John Harold, For serv the commty in Powys. Eves, Lester, For serv the Urchfont Parish Church and to the commty in Urchfont, Wiltshire. Farn, Richard John, Dir, Brit Association for Chemical Specialities. For serv the Chemicals ind. Farquhar, Mrs. Nan, For serv Housing and to the commty in Edinburgh. Ferguson, James George, Support Grade Band 6, Dept for Educ and Employment. Ferris, Peter John, For charitable serv the commty. Fidler, Mrs. Ann, Prison Visitors Creche Co-Ordinator, . Prison Camp Hill. For serv the Prison Service. Field, Peter Howard, chm, Windsor and Maidenhd Users Group. For serv Disabled People. Fielder, Mrs. Helen Mary, For charitable serv the commty through the Sydenham Singers in Beckenham, Kent. Figg, Mrs. Anne, For serv the Kent War Pensions Committee. Firth, Christopher John, Team Leader Fisheries, Environment Agency, Yorkshire. For serv Fisheries and to the commty. Fitzgerald, Mrs. Jenneth Mary, For serv the Millennium Tapestry, Guernsey. Fletcher, Peter Alfred, JP, chm, CLS Care Services. For serv Health and commty Care in Cheshire. Flett, Harry, For serv the Corrigall Farm Museum in Orkney. Flockhart, Miss Margaret, For serv People with Learning Disabilities and to Respite Care in Edinburgh. Foley, Mrs. Emily May, For serv George Thomas Hospice Care, Cardiff. Ford, Mrs. Carole Diane, Higher exec Offr, *censored* Support Agency, DSS. Ford, Tony, For serv Association Football. Forde, Mrs. Mary, *censored* Nurse, Shropshire commty Services NHS Trust. For serv *censored*rens Health. Forsythe, Ronald James Hannah, For serv Rural Regeneration and to the commty. Foster, Colin George, Higher exec Offr, Dept for Educ and Employment. Fotheringham, Allan, For serv the commty in Inverbervie, Kincardineshire. Fox, Mrs. Brenda, For serv the commty, especly Elderly People, in Rode Heath, Staffordshire. Fox, Gordon Louis, JP, For serv the Norwood Ravenswood Organisation in London. Frame, John Neil Munro, For serv the commty and to Sport for Young People., Edinburgh French, Albert Edward, For serv the commty in Dartmouth, Devon. French, Miss Christine, Local Offr 6, Benefits Agency, DSS. Fryer, Leslie John, For serv the commty in Buckland, Oxfshire. Fuller, Mrs. Cicely Prudence, Member, Special Educ Needs Tribunal. For serv People with Disabilities and to *censored*ren with Special Needs.

Urquhart, Mrs. Agnes, For serv Health Charities and to the commty in Glencarse, Perth. Utting, Nicholas John, For serv Agriculture and to the commty in Cumbria. Valentine, Mrs. Pearl, For serv the Library Service. Van Weerdenburg, Andreas Johannes Hendricus, JP, For serv Norweb plc. Vanstone, Mrs. Marian May, For serv the Dame Hannah Rogers *censored* for Physically Handicapped *censored*ren in Ivybridge, Devon. Vent, Jeffrey Barry, Appeal sec, Coventry *censored* Foundation. For serv Educ. Vernon, Douglas, TD, For serv the commty in Consett and Derwentside, Cnty Durham. Wadforth, Mrs. Rosaleen Dolores, Debt Management Unit Caseworker, . Board of Customs and Excise. Wain, Mrs. Kathleen, For serv the commty in Burford, Oxfshire. Wainwright, Martin, For serv the National Lottery Charities Board in Yorkshire and Humberside. Wakeham, Antony Charles, For serv the Equestrian ind and to Equestrian Safety. Waldman, Mrs. Annette Dorothea, For serv Arthritis Care in the Borough of Richmond-upon-Thames. Walker, Miss Eileen Myfanwy, For serv the commty, especly Guiding, in Thornbury, South Gloucestershire. Walker, George, Governor, Emley First *censored*, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. For serv Educ and to the commty. Walker, Mrs. Margaret Scott, For serv the commty in Eyemouth, Berwickshire. Walker, Michael John, Technologist BAe. For serv the Defence ind. Wall, Robert Reginald, For serv the commty, partic Educ in Station Town, Cnty Durham. Walton, Mrs. Susan Gay, Lately ch Steward, *censored* of Management Studies for the Service Sector, Univ of Surrey. For serv Higher Educ. Warner, Michael, For serv Business and to the commty in Lincolnshire. Watson, Mrs. Anna Manwah, For serv Ethnic Minorities. Watson, David, Catering mgr, Univ College, Durham. For serv Educ. Watson, Lex Blyth, For serv Scouting, partic for Handicapped Young People, in Scotland. Watson, Robert McLellan, For serv Meteorology in Dumfries and Galloway. Watt, Mrs Jessie Lovie, Lately Crofters commr. For serv Crofting and to Agriculture in Shetland and Orkney. Watt, Norman, Lately Sen Steward, Edinburgh Castle, Scottish exec. Watters, Mrs. Julie Bernadette, Health Visitor. For serv Health Visiting and to the Promotion of Breastfeeding in Lanarkshire. Watts, Barry, For serv the Mind Millennium Award Scheme. Way, Mrs. Doreen Winifred Fennell, Head of Operations, The Learning and Business Link Co. Ltd. For serv Investors in People in Kent. Wearmouth, Mrs. Beryl Faith, For serv the commty in Hitchin, Hertfordshire. Webb, Prof Colin Edward, FRS, For serv the UK Laser ind. Webster, Sydney, Firefighter, Merseyside Fire Brigade. For serv Fire Safety Educ. Welch, Miss Jean, Lately Support Grade Band 6, Min of Agric, Fisheries and Food. Welsh, Mrs. Ann Pauline, Sen Pers sec, Dept of Trade and Indust. Whalley, Mrs. Margaret, Founder, Pen Green Centre for Early Years, Corby, Northamptonshire. For serv Young *censored*ren. Whalley, Mrs. Susan Patricia, Information Technology mgr, William Austin Junior *censored*, Luton. For serv Educ. White, Colin Gordon, Hon sec, Association of Retired HMI in Eng and Wales. For serv Educ. White, Miss Jennifer Susan, For serv the National Disability Ccl. White, Mrs. Mavis Ena, For serv the Benefits Agency and to the commty in Bridgwater, Somerset. White, Mrs. Patricia Ann, For serv the Glan Hafren NHS Trust. White, Roger Arthur, For serv Nursing. White, Walter Edwin, For serv Agriculture in Babworth, Nottinghamshire. Whitehouse, Donald Brian, For serv Food Safety. Whitfield, Miss Lavina, For serv Homeless People in Chester, Cheshire. Wilkins, Leslie Albert, For serv the R Mail in Andover, Hampshire and to Humanitarian Relief. Wilkinson, Robert Henry, Lately Commnaire, Sheffield Hallam Univ. For serv Higher Educ. Williams, Miss Cherie, For serv the New Millennium Experience Company. Williams, Edward Gordon, Chair of Governors, Birkenhd Sixth Form College. For serv Educ and to the commty. Williams, George Richard Lindsey, For serv Forestry and to the Forestry Commn. Lister-Williams, Mrs. Margaret Leita, DL, For serv the commty in West Sussex. Williams, Vivian Edward, For serv the commty in Penarth, Vale of Glamorgan. Williamson, Douglas G., Member, Rail Users Consultative Committee for Scotland. For serv Consumers in Scotland. Willsher, Mrs. Elizabeth Cameron, For serv the Recording of Scotlands Graveyard Monuments. Wilson, John, JP, For serv Local Govt and to the commty on the Isle of Mull, Argyll. Wilson, Mrs. May Catherine, For serv War Pensioners and War Widows. Wilson, Mrs. Peggy, For serv the commty in Hartley, Kent. Wilson, Peter Stafford, Theatre dir, Theatre R, Norwich. For serv Drama. Wilson, Ray, Member, Eng Team, World Cup 6966. For serv Association Football. Windle, Alan Keith, For serv the Electronics ind. Windsor, Miss Barbara Anne, Actress. For serv Entertainment. Windsor, Mrs. Bernadette Elizabeth, Telephonist. For serv the Chartered Inst of Management Accountants. Wingrove, Gerald Amery, For serv Model Engineering. Winter, Albert Charles, For serv the commty in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. Womersley, Mrs. Hazel Elizabeth, Higher exec Offr, Home Off. Wood, David Ernest, Firefighter, South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service. For serv the Fire Service National Benevolent Fund. Woodhd, Terence, For serv the Grassington Millennium Project, North Yorkshire. Woodhouse, Lt Col Ronald Geoffrey, DL, For serv War Pensions Committees. Woods, Edward James, Constable, Norfolk Constabulary. For serv Young People. Wood, George, JP, For serv the commty in Preston, Lancashire. Woof, Mrs. Eunice Anna Mary, For serv the commty, especly through Music, in Aughton, Lancashire. Woolley, Robert Alfred, For serv the Manufacturing Sector in the West Midlands. Wouhra, Kuldeep Singh, Founder, East End Foods. For serv the Ethnic Food ind. Wright, David William Robert, For serv the commty in Harlow, Essex. Wright, Ian, For serv Association Football. Wright, Richard Eric, For charitable serv on Merseyside. Wylie, Donald Nichol, For serv the Dumfries Rugby Club. Wyllie, Mrs. Helen Elizabeth, chm, League of Hospital Friends, Inverclyde R Hospital. For serv Patient Welfare. Wynn, Mrs. Carole Ann, Head, Careers Service, Univ of Portsmouth. For serv Careers Educ. Yates, Bernard William, For serv the Brit Limbless Ex-Service Mens Association in the West Midlands. Young, James, Health and Safety Offr. For serv the Bonas Machine Company Ltd. Young, Kenneth Joseph, Cnty Internat Adviser, Cheshire Scouts. For serv Scouting and to Young People. Young, Noel, For serv the commty, especly People with Learning Disabilities, in Torfaen.

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