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Date: 2018-02-17 14:36

I have been a loyal customer to Pilot/Flying J for over 75 years even working for Pilot for two years at one time. I would like to tell you why after three years of being an Extremly loyal patron to the Lake Havasu (AZ exit 9 I-95) location, until today. My wife and I have been going here *censored* times a month for fuel, and we always order a pizza the same way, then go and get a frosty and fries at Wendy’s while we wait. Spending $75 to $85 each visit. I know it doesn’t sound like much but it adds up over three years. Not anymore! My Wife and I went today 66/65/66 on one of are regular visits. I went to pay for are fuel and order are pizza and as I ordered a lady said “you need to pay for that” as if I was stealing something. I asked her “pay for what?” she said extra cheese. When I told her “I have never been charged extra for anything in the last three years of coming here.” her response was “I’m the deli manager (pulling on her collar) and it has always been that way so you don’t know what your talking about”. I told her again I have never been charged. She got on her radio and said “Chad get over here and tell this guy we charge extra for cheese!!” oh yeah this person’s name is Wanda Mello. I had to call the store to get her name cause as a manager she didn’t have a name tag. Then Chad Turpin came over not even asking me the customer what the issue was and immediately told me “we charge extra.” when I attempted to tell Chad the situation. Wanda became rude to the point Chad had to tell her to stop she continued Chad sent her away. Chad then told me “I don’t believe that we have never charged you before (calling me a liar)but I will do it for you but from this day forward you will be charged extra.” I told Chad “Thanks but you just treated a loyal customer like garbage and from this point forward you just lost a loyal customer and I will not be returning. Chad’s response was “Your done here! I just gave you an olive branch and you spit in my face.” Chad then told the cashier to cancel my order and told me to “LEAVE THE STORE NOW! YOUR DONE HERE!” I asked Chad “do you want me to pay for my gas?” Chad told me “you are no longer welcome here and you need to leave now!” I own a company that coaches managers to become leaders. Which also means I travel a lot and make it a point to stop at Pilot/Flying J anytime I’m on the road giving even more money to the company which will no longer happen. You have Wanda Mello and Chad Turpin to thank for that. Chad Turpin, and Wanda Mello. Need to be FIRED immediately! For there disgrace to a loyal customer and there extreme unprofessionalism as an employee to a major corporation especially employees that act in a management role.

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Monday looking at the schudele seeing shed just up and moved me to evenings because her sisters boyfriend needed to work graveyard. So she put both of them on grave yard. Heather informed a pilot cashier that the reason for that was I had been late five times. And everyone n the store they will let you know I’m never late. When I asked Heather bout it she said I was late twice and I explained to her she was wrong cause they called me in o. My day off and I walk to work takes me forty five minutes to get there but I do get there do the second one I was trying to call but they turned off lights to close subway at eleven thirty am. The lady walked out. And I got there freezing cold and still heather did not right her up just let her think it was OK. After discussing that wit her it went no where because she didn’t give me my reg shift bk. So I went to talk to jay a couple of times and jay asked me if I’d like to move to pilot side I said yes and he said OK hang in there give him a couple of weeks. Them weeks CME n gone n nothing. Heather just went bk to work (may7568) and informed our deli host that she wanted me has a bad habit of changing our schudle liketwo to three times a day and would not rotate weekends only give herself every weekend off. She always leaves early or takes days cause she gets salary and like she says she knows how to work the system. On may ten I was off sun , Went to work Monday Tues wed Thurs and Friday I was off. At two in the morn I get a phone call from James saying miss shonta said I’m supposed to be at work. But shonta and heather are good friends not one of them brothed to call me to let me know Im supposed to be there. Shonta told James she didn’t know my number and when I asked her she said nothing cause two nights before she went to my apartment to pick up some stuff and have drink with me and my family. That’s why her not knowing my number was funny. Well then sat heather put shonta to cover the rest of my shifts. When I called jay to ask him y was I fired he said he didn’t know what was going on for me to call heather I called and asked her she plain out told me I had no job I was fired. For wat reason and she hung up on me. I’m supper upset that I’ve been treated this way. I don’t like being lied to by jay n I don’t like heather fireing me for no reason I’m a single mom who has bills that no one helps me pay. I m not gonna leave this alone until I get my last weeks pay check pluss my back pay for hours I put in and something done on how I was treated. Heather new I love my job just like my regulorsthat came in. But she also knows Im not a quitter. ***** YOU CAN REACH ME AT 88*censored*8*censored*558

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My first day of work was on Jan 7nd 7567 in Tucumcari NM has a cashier. I was told to come in a7:55 am to train with a manger named Tosha. She was not even there until 8:85 am. While waiting for my trainer I was thrown on the register has if I knew what I was doing ( again very first day ever at Pilot Flying J ) was treated very rudely by staff. Told to push random buttons to figure out the cash register. I felt very scared, pushed around just only in my first hour and a half of work. Then my trainer arrives ( Tosha) and she was rude right off the back to me. She acted as if she had way better things to do then train me. Couple hours into my shift another manager by the name of (Karl ) sat down with me with ( Tosha) and told me not to clock into work my first 8 days of training because he likes to steal hours from corporate ( what ever that may mean ?) so I was only going to get paid 7 out of the 5 days I worked my first week with this company. By the second day came in again at 7:55 am and was with a manager named ( Rose). She was very pleasant to work with and actually showed me how to use there system, but manager ( Tosha) came in and ruined the entire flow of the day for me. Once again being very rude, acting like she was way to good too even show me anything or help me and I was told I was getting off at 8:55 pm and my husband was on break from Kmart picking me up and ( Tosha ) made him feel very uncomfortable was very rude do when I came out from cleaning the restrooms ( Tosha ) told me that my husband better understand he is not allowed to walk into her ” Stoe” not even using the proper grammar “store” and by the way she did not pull me to the side to say this she said this in front of the staff embarrassing me and I was completely floored by her choice of words. Today Jan 9th was only my 8rd day and I was having a great time until (Tosha) showed up after I was told (Tosha) would not be working until 9pm and I would not have to see her. Again I was lied to by ( Karl) the main manager there and he broughht me back to the manager offic with (Tosha) and all hell broke loose and I felt so affended and upset and betrayed by the main mangers words that I quite right then and there. I felt ganged up on and not treated with any type of respect. This is a serious issue and it needs to be addressed. Pilot flying J is by far the worst job I have ever had and couldn’t even make it 8 days. All the other reviews seem to have serious issues with pilot flying j. HR do your job and fire the people who need to be fired, take corrective action, get it done. Thank you for your time. It is 7:78 MTN in Tucumcari New Mexico on Jan 9th 7567.

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